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The Event Wizard


The Event Wizard was designed to organize any event where people gather for a specific purpose. A retirement party for a fellow worker, the promotion of service club officers or a fund raising event. The system was developed on Microsoft's Access Database platform which can be operated from a single computer or over a network of several computers.  The design of the Event Wizard was intentionally made simple to operate, reducing the possibility of errors and maintaining a smaller learning curve of operation. 


There are many event management systems on the market today and most are web based solutions which only require a web browser and a password to access the information. SMC-Consulting believes that this approach can be problematic, in today's world even the most secure network servers have been breached and proprietary data stolen. Our approach is safer and straight forward. The data remains in your control and is not exposed to outsiders or the Internet. We host an online website as a part of the Event Wizard solution, each organization utilizing our services is provided a web address for their event. If you are hosting an auction either Silent or Voice as a part of your event you can post catalogues of your items online and even accept bidders prior to your event.  Some organizations require a Buy It Now button that allows the Bidder to purchase the item by meeting the Buy It Now price of the item. When the link is accessed a landing page of your organization's information and the purpose for your event is displayed. Links to your Auction Catalogues, Attendance registration form, Bid On-line Form and Donation Form create a simple way of navigating through your site. These forms allow you to register guests and receive funds for ticket purchases (through a PayPal account).



Basic System


The system is built in modules to fulfill your organizations needs. The basic system features attendance registration, table and seating controls and reports. A budgeting system is incorporated in the system allowing you the control of your expenses and revenues if required. A setup form allows you to enter the price of a ticket to your event the number of seats per table and the percentage of sales tax to be charged. For every person that is registered the price of the ticket cost is automatically entered in to the Revenue ledger unless the meal is comped  and the cost is automatically entered in to the Expense ledger. This system is appropriate for hosting Dinners, Wine Tasting and Picnics.  


Fund Raising Module  


Events incorporating auctions either Silent, Voice or both require an additional module for Auctions. When an individual registers for the event they are issued a Bidder Identification number that they use to place a bid on an auction item. If there is to be a Voice Auction then the Bid Number is printed on large labels that are attached to a bid paddle. Most non-profit organizations solicit donations from friends and local businesses to be sold at the auction. A Donor ledger provides the contact information and the items donated and there information such as the description, value and any limitations that may be apart of the donation. As an item is posted, an item ID number is assigned to the item. A Silent Auction Item Display Poster is created along with the accompanying Bid Sheet.


After the Silent Auction has closed the Bid Sheets are collected and the winners are entered into the system. The Bid Sheets have the Item ID Number listed at the top of the Bid Sheet and the highest Bidder's Bid Number and the amount of their bid is located near the bottom of the Bid Sheet. Finding the Item number on the drop down list and the Bidder ID Number from a corresponding drop down list makes posting simple and easy entering the amount bid in the "sold for" field completes the posting.


After all Bid Sheets have been entered the Table receipts can be printed and given to Table Runners to take the Table Receipts to the Bidder's table, with the help of the Table Report which shows where the Bidders are seated. The Table Receipts List all items that the Bidder had won in the Auction and the total amount of the purchases. The Bidder may check out at their convenience which also takes pressure off of the Check-out workers. When the Bidder has paid for their items and a final receipt is printed including any appropriate Sales Tax.



Stand Alone Event Wizard Program

The system incorporates three solicitation databases that mail merge into three standard solicitation letters or can link to letters outside of the system. Tracking and inventorying donated items with their respective donors is made simple with a donor ledger sheet itemizing each item individually. The Donor information is mail merged into a Donor Thank You Letter that can be sent as the items are received or after your auction event. The system creates Item Display Posters and item Bid Sheets that are used for the auction. The donor of the item is listed on the item Display posters along with the items' description, value, starting bid and any limitations that the item may have..

Guests are considered Bidders and are automatically assigned a Bid Number which they use to place a bid on an item that they wish to bid on. The Bid Sheet is located next to it's Display Poster and at the end of the Silent Auction the Bid Sheets are removed from the display area and the last bid or the highest bid is identified as the winning bid. The Bid Sheets are collected and the winning Bidder and the price of the Bid is entered into the system. Drop down fields expedite the posting of winning bids after all bids have been entered then the system will print out 1st Table Receipts that notify the Bidder they have won an item or several items and can proceed to check-out to pay and collect their items, where they will receive a final receipt which may include sales tax. Voice Auction Items are handled in the same manner as the Silent Auction items with the exception that the system will print out large Voice Auction Bidder Paddle Labels that display the Bid number and Bidder's name.

Network Event Wizard System

Organizations that employ several people to input Auction information may have an attendance person in charge of inputting attendees information and providing Bidder packets or a donor registration person that inputs items submitted by donors and insuring Thank You letters are sent out in a timely manner. The facilities person may find the systems Table Report valuable when arranging for the setup of space to display items and attendees seating.


The main Event Wizard Database is located on the organization's server and is linked to the client version of the system located on each of the workstations used by the various individuals responsible for data input. The option of having all information availed to everyone or selected information to individuals responsible for the data is made upon installation.


The Event Wizard Database is copied from the Server and is used to input data at the event. Typically an auction with a couple hundred auction items can be serviced by one computer operator, however larger auctions may want to utilize several computer operators and create small local network with one of the computers designated as the server and then linking the other computers in the manner as the main office. A small laser printer works well for printing Table Receipts, Final Receipts and last minute changes like an additional Voice Auction Bid Paddle label.  

Event Wizard Reports


Our Event Wizard System provides your organizers with numerous reports for evaluating the success of your  fundraising event. By tracking each years progress over time you you will be able to determine the changes that need to take place in order to improve on your net proceeds. The built in event budget tracks both total revenues and expenses of the event and provides a revenue to expenses report that can be integrated into the organizations accounting system.

Many organizations use Board members and volunteers to solicit items for the various auctions. Our Solicitors Report identifies the top Solicitors by items received and dollar values this report is useful in several ways, perhaps the most obvious is to identify your Solicitor trainers.





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The Academy of the Hills is a fictitious organization that was created for example.


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